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Materials & Care


The colors pictured may appear different on your finished products. There are multiple reasons for this including “screen color” to “live color.” Any pictured acrylic that is shown acts only as a representation of the sheet of acrylic that will be similar to the color on your sign.]
Available colors:

While the below are our standard offering, other colors/patterns are available on request (additional fees may apply).

acrylic colors offered for signs and displays

Sizing Guide:

Most sizes are stated in the item listing description. If you would like something smaller/larger, we are happy to to honor your requests (max. 18″W x 36″H), but please be sure to choose your acrylic sign or display size wisely. We highly recommend using a measuring tape at home with your display booth setup or where the item will be placed to ensure the size you’ve requested will work for you. We are not responsible if you are unsatisfied with your item once you have confirmed your order and the item has been made. Please see the below image for sizing reference!

acrylic sizing reference

Wood Texture & Character:

The nature of wood lends a sense of uniqueness to the products I create. I will make small attempts to cover any extraordinary blemishes (cracks, knots, etc) that occur within the wood I use, but I also believe small blemishes add exceptional character to each piece. Due to the wood’s natural unique characteristics, no two signs will be exactly alike.

Care Instructions:

Acrylic is beautiful but is very lightweight and not as durable as plastic. Therefore, it MUST always be handled with extreme care. If dropped or mishandled, there’s a chance it may crack, chip or scratch.

I recommend using velcro or other means to either keep the item secured or weighted down to deter the piece from falling, tipping, or blowing over.

If your item arrives broken or needs to be fixed in any way (due to pieces missing or not fitting properly), you (the customer) must message us within 72 hours of item arrival. Once you receive item, you have 72 hours to get in touch with me if there is an issue. If you lose any pieces or breakage happens after that time period, I hold no responsibility.